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How to tell if your partner sucks at money

Money talks

I ain’t saying you a gold digger. But you don’t wanna end up with a broke …

Yeahhh. Nobody wants to fall in love with a financial wreck. (You’ve got plenty adulting of your own to worry about!) So do yourself a favour: in between the dinner dates and Netflix, be on the look out for these red flags. If you’re discovering that your partner has some awful financial habits (and no desire to improve) then it’s probably time for an honest conversation and seriously consider the impact it could have on your relationship and most importantly, your wallet!

Savings, what savings?

Nobody seems to be saving themselves for marriage anymore, but hey – they should be saving something. Emergency fund, holiday, house deposit, whatever it might be. Basic savings demonstrates self-discipline and respect for financial goals. It’s a sign of a good foundation and appreciation of the value of hard earned money.

Finch: Partner sucks at money

Another new job?

When you’re in a relationship, you rely on your partner for many things. Love, support, and for the taller one to get things off of the top shelf. If they have stability in the workplace, their chances of stability in the home place are that much greater. Not to mention, it’s harder to pay bills and plan holidays if you can’t guarantee a steady income. If your partner’s constantly in between jobs, there’s something fishy going on.

Drowning in debt

Does your partner have 3 credit cards too many? And still doing a bunch of spending? Sharing a life with somebody means you share their debts (directly and indirectly). When someone has to keep borrowing off another person, it makes them a mooch. Nobody wants to smooch a mooch. Send them packing before a bookie holds you ransom.

They’re Strapped for Cash After Their Paycheck Clears

1 in 2 Australians live paycheck to paycheck. Living this way seems almost unavoidable for a lot of young Aussies. But exactly how fast is your lover running out of moolah? If it’s payday and they’re already counting down til the next, then red flag alert! See how this goes down: suggest that they put a little away before they pay for anything else. It works wonders!

Finch: Partner sucks at money

They’re Too Giving

Yes, we all liked to be showered with lavish gifts, but let’s be real. Someone’s coughing up for those. If they’re trying to win your love with presents, then shame on you for being bought! (Welllll, how nice are these things exactly?) Truth of the matter, all the possessions in the world won’t mean a thing when the pressure of paying the rent and saving for both your retirements is on your shoulders. Thanks, but no thanks!

If your partner’s keen to get into better spending habits, get them to try out Finchsights from Finch , a free personal finance tool that helps you track, compare and get insights on your social spending. Download it today for free!

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