How to buy a wedding gift without breaking the bank

Weddings can be expensive… even for the guests! After all, there’s the bachelor(ette) party, engagement party, getting an outfit, booking a hotel, not to mention the pre and post shenanigans. And that’s all before getting the happy couple a gift! Sigh.

Obviously, you care about the people in this wedding (unless you crashed it!) The last thing you want to do is let them know that you’re tired of shelling out for their magical day… or have them think that you skimped out on the gift. I mean, you do want an invite to their second and third wedding, right?!

So now that you’ve spent all this money going to the wedding, how do you get them a gift that won’t have you cringe at your credit card bill next month? Let’s take a look at how to buy a wedding gift without breaking the bank.

Shop early

There’s a reason why couples send out “Save the Date” cards. So you can erm, save the date and of course, shop early.

If the couple has a registry, get first dibs. That way you can snag multiple cheap things, or one reasonably middle-priced gift. Also, keep an eye out for deals. If there’s something you know that they would want, grab it as soon as you see it on sale. Waiting last minute for gift registry shopping WILL make you cry and make you instantly regret not getting organised earlier.

Look up promo codes

Google can be the best companion shopper. From Picodi to RetailMeNot to eBates, there are so many deals out there ready to be had. Google the item you want and type in the words “coupon” or “promo code” and see what pops up.

Sometimes stores have hidden promo codes as well. Type the store name the couple has registered at and “promos” into Google. Multiple websites will come up with a variety of promo codes. Truth be told, patience is a virtue with this one. A lot of promo codes may be expired. However, if you find success you can find upwards of 50% off some items.

Compare prices

Just because they have a registry at a specific store doesn’t mean you have to buy that item there. Jot down some reasonable priced gifts and start Googling your heart out. Be sure to compare prices with online retailers like Amazon or Kogan.

Third-party sellers tend to be a bit cheaper than the big name brick-and-mortar stores. Plus, you can conveniently shop at your home. The only problem is that the item may not come off of the registry if you purchase this way. So, be sure to communicate with other guests or snag your loved one’s computer when they’re not looking and take their gift off the registry altogether. We don’t condone the latter…but don’t blame you for trying!

Donate to their honeymoon

On average, Australians spend from $36,200 to $65,482 on a wedding. That doesn’t leave much money for the fun stuff…like a honeymoon. Find out where the happy couple plans on vacationing and donate to the cause. Perhaps even contact the hotel and set up a massage or some chocolate-covered strawberries and wine?

With so many people pitching in to make their wedding special, stand out by making their celebration that much more memorable. Additionally, donating to the honeymoon will also make it easier for you choose how much you give.

Get a gift as a group

Hey, it takes a village to support a wedding day! With an average of 150 guests per Australian wedding, you are bound to find someone go halfsies with you on a gift. Using an app like Finch makes group gifting that much easier. All you need to do is look up a gift and divide the cost. From there, Finch will keep track of who has paid, how much they paid, and who still owes.