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How much should you be spending on clothes?

We're going to let you in on a little secret:  Spend money on quality clothes. Say what now? A financial blog encouraging you to buy clothes? You bet. Let's be real. We love to spend money on clothes. Aussies, especially. Can you believe Aussies spend more per person each year on clothes than any other country? So with each...


7 types of friends who are bad for your finances

They say we're the average of the five people we spend the most time with. When it comes to relationships, we're greatly influenced by our friends or those we're closest to. They're the ones we look to, lean on and rely on for support as we navigate through the adventures of adult life. These people influence our values, careers,...


Admit it. FOMO is sending you broke.

Are you constantly swiping down to reload your social media feeds (or swiping right, wink-wink?!) Do you say yes to everything, and then have to choose between going negative in your bank account or adding another charge to your already mountainous credit card bill? If you said YES to the above, then there’s a good chance you...


Hate talking about money? Read this.

Do you remember that episode from ‘How I Met Your Mother’ where Marshall discovers that not only will he be marrying, Lily, the love of his life, but also her thousands of $$$ of credit card debt she’s been hiding? Yep, Sexually Transmitted Debt is a thing, thanks to our panic-inducing fear of talking about...