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Track your spending: 3 things you’ll learn

Do you track your spending?  You're not alone. According to Commonwealth Bank, 56% of Australians wouldn't have enough money to survive if they were to suddenly lose their income. Yikes! This is due to a lot of blind spending (no surprises there!) One of the reasons we don't track our spending is that money has become...


How to tell if your partner sucks at money

I ain’t saying you a gold digger. But you don't wanna end up with a broke ... Yeahhh. Nobody wants to fall in love with a financial wreck. (You've got plenty adulting of your own to worry about!) So do yourself a favour: in between the dinner dates and Netflix, be on the look out for these red flags. If you're discovering...


COMP ALERT: Route 66 on Your Bucket List?

Sunset, desert and cadillacs… is Route 66 on your bucket list too?! As part of our recently launched, Humans of Melbourne campaign, we’re giving YOU the chance to win the Ultimate Route 66 Road Trip with three of your best friends. Picture this: Hitting the old dirt road, belting out your favourite tunes and exploring the...


How to Talk to Your Significant Other About Money

There's no doubt that money is a stressful situation for everyone, whether you’ve been an adult for a while...or for a minute. Bills, food, vacations, smartphones, adds up. Think you need to split these costs with someone else? Think again! Money problems only intensify when there's two of you. After all, mo’...


5 ways to save on bills this winter

Winter is coming! No, this isn’t a Game of Thrones article. This article is far less gruesome than a GOT recap. But we are talking about the actual season of winter. The time of year we turn up the heat, hibernate and cringe at our high energy and heating bills. Australia may not get as cold as Antarctica, but 5 out of the...


Why New Year resolutions don’t work (and what to do instead)

New Year, New Me! Whether it’s hitting the gym, cutting carbs, or getting out of debt, there’s something about the New Year that gets us all fired up for positive change. But all that starts well, doesn’t necessarily end well. Can’t think of a single New Year Resolution you’ve actually followed through with?...