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Happy housemates: how to manage expenses without the drama

Getting a new flatmate can be all fun and games until the bills start rolling in. As much as you may enjoy someone’s company, things change when moula’s involved. After all, if you’re ordering one less Bloody Mary because you’re covering that bloke’s bulk of rent, there’s going to be issues! So, drink up! Here are...


5 types of horrible housemates and how to deal

We all know there’s different housemate types. Which also means we are a type. While our personality flaws (or perfections) makes us who we are, it’s also the reason people love or hate living with us. But if we were all the same, the world wouldn’t be much fun would it? After all, horrible housemates make the best...


Moving in With Your Best Mate? Take Notes.

BFFs do everything together. They go out together, do shots together, sing off-tune karaoke together. So why wouldn’t they live together? What seems like a natural match may actually be the worst pairing of all-time. Before you go running off and moving in with your best mate, here are five realities of moving in with...


How to Buy a Wedding Gift Without Breaking the Bank

Weddings can be expensive... even for the guests! After all, there’s the bachelor(ette) party, engagement party, getting an outfit, booking a hotel, not to mention the pre and post shenanigans. And that’s all before getting the happy couple a gift! Sigh. Obviously, you care about the people in this wedding (unless you...


How to Save Money When Travelling

Travelling can be one of the most rewarding (and expensive) experiences. A middle seat in the back of the plane alone can cost an arm-and-a-leg. Throw in other things like food, souvenirs, transportation, and booze... Before you know it, you’re dipping into rent money! Eek! So how do you see the world without seeing a bunch of...


Track your spending: 3 things you’ll learn

Do you track your spending?  You're not alone. According to Commonwealth Bank, 56% of Australians wouldn't have enough money to survive if they were to suddenly lose their income. Yikes! This is due to a lot of blind spending (no surprises there!) One of the reasons we don't track our spending is that money has become...