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5 types of horrible housemates and how to deal

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We all know there’s different housemate types. Which also means we are a type. While our personality flaws (or perfections) makes us who we are, it’s also the reason people love or hate living with us.

But if we were all the same, the world wouldn’t be much fun would it? After all, horrible housemates make the best stories! And if you happen to know how to deal with them, well, you’ll have stories for days!

Here are the 5 types of horrible housemates to look out for…and how to manage them!

The Slacker

Ever leave your housemate sitting in their PJs on the couch as you head to work? Then you come home, and they’re still in the same spot? Yeah. We wanted a housemate, not a piece of living room decor.

Seeing as 65% of Australian flatmates find cleanliness their #1 pet peeve, living with a Slacker is a biggie. Your peeve is best met with an open discussion. Be honest about what your expectations are and come to an agreement with how to split the cleaning duties. Before you do this though, be sure that you’re not a Slacker yourself! Want a clean house? You better be ready to pick up after yourself as well. That way, when you confront the Slacker, they have no leg to stand on.

The Party Animal

We all like to cut loose, but every night is a bit much. The Party Animal is fun to live with at first, but the honeymoon period tends to end… real quick. They’re the ones who will keep you awake when you’re trying to get sleep for an exam the next day… or the one who will put a hole in your wall, screwing you out of your deposit.

Dealing with the Party Animal is much like the Slacker. You need to be honest. Explain that you live there too and create a set of ground rules that you both agree to. Set party free days. Limit the number of people over. Music off at 12pm.

Lastly, there are some passive aggressive ways to jab the Party Animal if you really want to (yes you do!). Slamming cabinets, pots and pans while they’re hungover on the couch is solid revenge!

The Neat Freak

The Superman (or Lex Luthor) to the Slacker. Neat Freaks are the extremists on that 65% spectrum. They expect the place to replicate a live-in museum. This is not realistic (or normal!)

What to do? Meet the Neat Freak halfway. Pick up after yourself. Hold your end of the bargain with chores. Do the little things you know they’ll appreciate. But don’t go overboard. Your hoodie is fine hanging up in the hallway. Anytime your housemate gets huffy, remind them that this is a house, not a museum. You pay for the space too and deserve to leave a few of your things around.

The Night Owl

Night Owls are the subdued Party Animal. They might not be lighting the house on fire, but they’re still up living their life while the rest of the world is sleeping. That means the microwave may be going off at 2:00 AM or a loud movie might startle you at 11:36 PM.

Fact of the matter is, it’s their house too. There are many reasons people are night owls. It could be insomnia or it might be their work schedule. Whatever it is, if it’s bothering you, bring it up and see if you can find a compromise on the late night noise. If it’s really impacting your sleep, you can always invest in some noise-canceling headphones. In this case, prevention is the best cure: if you know they’re a nocturnal creature before hand, then you can consider if this is a compatible housemate for you before you make the decision to move in.

The Mother Hen

This is the least offensive of the horrible housemates. After all, who doesn’t love their mom? Seeing as 43% of 20-24 year Aussies still live at home with their parents, we’d say a lot do!

However, our housemate isn’t our mom. Mother Hens can be a bit too intense and have a tendency to overstep their boundaries. We don’t need to explain where we were or be told to go to sleep because there’s a big day at work tomorrow.

When this happens, don’t take offense. Their intentions are good. So so good! If anything, they’re just showing you how much they care. Remind yourself of that. That being said, have an honest conversation starting with how appreciative you are that you’ve got someone looking out for you. But that you actually don’t need to be reminded all the time. Chances are, they’ll value your feedback and they’ll reduce their doting ways.

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